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Lenten On The Road welcomes you!


“Lenten On The Road?” I hear you think, “What the **** is that?”

Well, it’s a platform created by Carlijn Lenten, that would be me. It’s made to share one of her biggest passions, that would be traveling, with as much people as possible through travel articles and photography.

I hear you think: “Is this page useful, why should I follow it?” (yes, I am clairvoyant) Well, there is no use whatsoever in Lenten On The Road. It’s a shameless exhibition of things that I find interesting, nothing more. And if you need a reason to follow Lenten On The Road I can give you some: Because it will be fun. Because you’re a daredevil who likes to take risks. Because you won’t regret it.

So take a chance, and follow Lenten On The Road on facebook or instagram and don’t miss a thing! Below I put a picture of some goats asses, to help you convince of the importance of following Lenten On The Road.

By the way, if you would like to see ‘welcome’ in your own language on this page, send me a message and we’ll arrange it!


Granada, Spain

Header Image

The header image, the picture that appears on top of the website, is a photo that I took near Santa Marta, Colombia. We came across a chiva (a typical rural bus) with children seated on top, that was driving pretty fast on a dust road. The image of Christ on the back of the bus appeared to me as paradoxal. I personally don’t believe in any higher presence, and I really doubt that an image of Christ will save those children when they fall off of that bus. No offense.

All that aside, the reason that I chose this image because it shows people On The Road. And although it was kind of dangerous, it was a beautiful sight to see.