Lenten who?

Lenten who?

About Lenten 

Carlijn Lenten


Freelance Zumba instructor, freelance writer, hobby photographer, hobby singer, hobby mandala maker


My interests and skills all lay in the field of music, dance, food (eating. not cooking), drawing, sports, photography, travel, books, movies and being in nature. Lover of languages. I speak Dutch, English and Spanish fluently, and there are a lot more I wish to learn.

The French Alps, a long long time ago



In High School I saw the movie A Few Good Men, and the famous courtroom scene where Tom Cruise shouts: ‘I want the truth!’ and Jack Nickelson responds just as loud:’You can’t handle the truth!’. Right then and there I wanted to become a lawyer. I studied Law for two years, but halfway through I found out (surprise, surprise) it wasn’t as romantic as I thought it would be and decided I wasn’t on this earth to spend my life in an office. Ofcourse I should have realized that I needed to do something with film, not with law, the moment I saw A Few Good Men and got so passionate. The realization came nevertheless, and I quit law. I started studying European Languages and Cultures – although it didn’t guarantee me that “steady job” that many people seem to find so important – with a specialization in Film Studies.



Buenaventura, Colombia


Let me introduce myself properly now. My name is Carlijn Lenten, I’m a global citizen, born and raised
in The Netherlands.  I’m greatful I was born in this country and that I got the education and wealth I enjoyed, but when I lost my heart to the Spanish language 6 years ago, I knew I needed to live in a country where they speak this beautiful language. And where there are sun and mountains, two things that are terribly absent in The Netherlands. My mother says I have viking roots and a indian spirit. I guess she’s right. Currently I’m living in Málaga, Spain. 

My wish is to keep on discovering this amazing planet we live on. I have been fortunate enough to have already seen some beautiful places on this earth – Colombia, Marocco, Hungary, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Scotland and Norway are some examples – but I can’t wait to see much more, meet new people, new cultures, new music, new food. Especially food. 


 Like I’ve mentioned before, I love things like writing, dancing, drawing (I draw and color my own mandala’s, it’s really relaxing), singing, photography, movies and travelling. I don’t need much to be happy. I like nice things, but I am no slave to the capitalist consumption society we nowadays live in. 

I will try to keep improving myself in whatever way I can, keep curious and keep learning… life is a journey. There is a Spanish poem by Antonio Machado that says: “Caminante, no hay camino, se hace el camino al andar.” The message is to just keep going, there is no path to follow, you create the path along the way…

Parque Tayrona, Colombia

Published Work

The intriguing Pacific Coast of Colombia

The Lenten On The Road Logo

The logo of Lenten On The Road is a tattoo that I have on my back since 2014, that I designed myself. The meaning is personal, so feel free to interpret the tattoo and logo in whatever way you want.